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Name:Rose Marshall
"Rose was sixteen years old in 1945, pretty as a picture, and in the wrong place at the wrong time. A midnight drive along Sparrow Hill Road turned into a fight for her life—a fight that she was destined to lose. Her story could have ended there, but a lucky break and a well-timed ride home set her on a different path. She's been running down the ghostroads ever since, one more casualty who never made it home.

A lot of people have said a lot of things about her; she's been called everything from angel to devil, from ghost story to myth to something more. They whisper her name everywhere from Michigan to Maine, from Wyoming to Washington...but no one knows what really happened that long-ago night at the top of Sparrow Hill.

Not until now."

Rose Marshall came from a poor family in Buckley Township, Michigan. Her great joys in life were spending time with her boyfriend, Gary Daniels, and driving. She turned sixteen in 1952 (contrary to the legend) just before the end of her junior year - Gary's senior year. He invited her to the senior prom, and she saved weeks of babysitting money to buy a lovely green dress with matching shoes. The night of prom rolled around... And Gary didn't show up. Rose would learn later that he'd had a flat on his way to pick her up, but not until too late. Angry and hurt, she took her brother's car and drove off, taking the shortcut up Sparrow Hill Road, to confront Gary for leading her on. And while she was driving along Sparrow Hill Road, she was attacked, driven off the road by another car.

Rose haunted that stretch of road for a few years until she learned that she didn't have to, and started hitchhiking across the country. A hitcher ghost is different from others, moving from the midnight America to the twilight and even up to the light - becoming alive again for a night when they're given a jacket to keep warm. She tries to prevent accidents, when she senses them coming, and leads those she can't save to the end of the line, to keep them safe from the soul-stealing bastard who drove her off the road. She hops from driver to driver, diner to diner, sometimes staying in the twilight world and more often falling between the light and the twilight as she catches rides down the highways of America.

And maybe one day, she'll be able to stop the bastard who killed her. For good.

"Deliver me from evil and deliver me from darkness.
Deliver me from the arms of Bobby Cross."

Disclaimer: Rose Marshall is the intellectual property of Seanan McGuire. I am using her for fun only, and because Seanan is an awesome storyteller.

Profile art by Amy Mebberson

Amanda Seyfried's image belongs to her, I assume.
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